Scientific Computing in Economics with Python and Julia

A Workshop at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Dates: 23rd–25th May, 2016



Python and Julia are are attracting rapidly growing interest as languages for scientific computing that successfully combine high productivity and high performance. This workshop will provide an intensive, three day introduction to programming in Python and Julia, centered around the needs and interests of economists. Some of the content will be based on lectures from


Material for the workshop is available from the workshop GitHub repository

Instructions for Attendees

The workshop will be hands on and centered around a combination of lectures and exercises. Participants are asked to bring laptops.

Chicago Fed employees will find that software has been preinstalled by local IT staff. External attendees will need to install

If possible please download this software before you arrive, and work through the installation steps. (This will ease network congestion at the start of the workshop and allow us to get moving a bit faster).


Please register your interest in the workshop with Mark Wright.

For questions on course content, please contact John Stachurski.