QuantEcon Summer Research Student (Open Source Software Development)

Summer Research Assistant: Open Source Software Developer 

(Hours Flexible, up to 40 hours / Week, ANU Officer Grade 4 Level 1)

QuantEcon is looking for a summer research student interested in software development (with particlar expertise in web and python skills) to continue active development of the QuantEcon Notes (http://notes.quantecon.org) in addition to other open source projects. QuantEcon Notes is a user generated website focused on sharing Jupyter notebooks and fostering discussion related to economics research.

Closing: 03rd December 2018

QuantEcon Notes is part of a broader open source project that will provide sharing infrastructure for use by other communities in scientific computing.

Tasks will include: 

1. work with our current lead developer to transition notes to an open source project,

2. continue the development of new features, and

3. provide operational and maintenance support

4. Support development of other QuantEcon projects such as https://github.com/QuantEcon/sphinxcontrib-jupyter

Candidates need to have an interest in open source projects and will have the opportunity to become a lead developer on this project. You will be required to work in a team environment that is based in Australia and the USA. 

We are looking for someone with:

The candidate will be based in Canberra, Australia at the QuantEcon Lab (Australian National University).

We are looking for Australian based candidates who have authority to work.

International and Domestic travel may be supported to present the work at conferences such as SciPy, JupyterCon etc. The core Jupyter development team have expressed an interest in the project and are highly supportive of its development.

If you would like further information about this opportunity please contact Matthew McKay at matthew.mckay@anu.edu.au