A high performance, open source Python code library for economics

from quantecon.markov import DiscreteDP
aiyagari_ddp = DiscreteDP(R, Q, beta)
results = aiyagari_ddp.solve(method='policy_iteration')


Before installing quantecon we recommend you install the Anaconda Python distribution, which includes a full suite of scientific python tools.

Next you can install quantecon by opening a terminal prompt and typing

pip install quantecon


Once quantecon has been installed you should be able to import it as follows:

import quantecon as qe

You can check the version by running


If your version is below what’s available on PyPI then it is time to upgrade. This can be done by running

pip install --upgrade quantecon

Downloading the quantecon Repository

An alternative is to download the sourcecode of the quantecon package and install it manually from the github repository. For example, if you have git installed type

git clone https://github.com/QuantEcon/QuantEcon.py

Once you have downloaded the source files then the package can be installed by running

cd QuantEcon.py
pip install ./

(To learn the basics about setting up Git see this link.)

Examples and Sample Code

Many examples of QuantEcon.py in action can be found at Quantitative Economics.

QuantEcon.py is supported financially by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and is part of the QuantEcon organization (A NumFOCUS fiscally sponsored project).