2017 PhD Workshops on Computational Methods

In September 2017, QuantEcon is running a series of workshops for PhD students in US economics programs.

Please sign up here.


The workshops will provide an overview of modern open source tools and techniques for computational modeling, loosely based on the material in  Lectures in Quantitative Economics.

All economics PhDs and faculty may attend, subject to seating space only. Workshops are free but please be sure to register if you plan to participate.

Workshops will be hands on so please be sure to bring your laptop!  

The workshop series is supported by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.


Workshops will run from 9:30am to 4pm (with the exception of UC Berkeley).

The structure of the workshop will be as follows:

Dates and Locations


While some variation is anticipated, we aim to either cover or review the majority of the following topics at each workshop.


Please be sure to bring your laptop to the workshop.  If possible,

All languages and computing platforms we use are free and open source.  

Troubleshooting of installations and other software issues will be available in the first session.


The following resources will be useful during and after:



For requests or feedback, please email contact@quantecon.org.