Python Lecture Series Split

7 Apr 2020

QuantEcon has divided its main Python lecture series into three parts to help guide our readers through the series. This split was carried out in response to requests from many readers to make the lectures more accessible, and to provide more guidance on the order in which lectures should be read.

The first series is called Python Programming for Quantitative Economics. These lectures teach Python from basics and foundations to advanced, high-performance features, including just-in-time compilation and parallelization.

The second series is called Introductory Quantitative Economics with Python. This part covers solving and simulating fundamental economic models using Python and a range of modern algorithms. It is suited to advanced undergraduates and first year graduate students.

The third series is Advanced Quantitative Economics with Python. This series builds on the introductory lectures and is suited to a graduate students and practitioners.

Published by: QuantEcon

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