Julia Lectures Updated

8 Sep 2021

The Quantitative Economics with Julia lectures have been given a significant update.

Beyond infrastructure updates, the lecture notes now more strongly software engineering concepts, such source code control and collaboration and test-driven development and continuous integration. We see these as essential steps towards reproducible research, and the skills are transferable across programming languages.

Some of the key changes:

  • Source code and Jupyter Notebooks fully support Julia 1.6, and will soon support Julia 1.7 after its release.
  • A significant revamp of the setup process now focuses on an early introduction of Git, GitHub and VS Code.
  • The lecture on Julia Tools and Editors lecture has moved to VS Code and provides additional workflows in support of the Git and GitHub.
  • The GitHub, Version Control, and Collaboration lecture shows workflows for collaboration within VS Code and GitHub.
  • All content in the Packages, Testing, and Continuous Integration lecture now uses GitHub Actions as the continuous integration framework, and shows the VS Code workflows required for reproducible research and collaboration.
  • The lectures are now using Jupyter Book. Among other things, the move to the markdown format makes open-source contributions and bug fixes even easier.

We are grateful for support from the Center for Innovative Data in Economic Research (CIDER) at the Vancouver School of Economics at the University of British Columbia.

Published by: QuantEcon

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