Recently Added Lectures

9 Jan 2023

We have been busy adding new material to our Python lectures site.

Using Newton’s Method to Solve Economic Models finds the equilibrium of a supply and demand model using convergence algorithms such as Newton’s method. The lecture demonstrates Newton’s method for one-dimensional and multi-dimensional settings, and implements the algorithm using JAX to solve a very high-dimensional problem.

Job Search VII: A McCall Worker Q-Learns extends earlier lectures on the McCall model to introduce Q-learning. This algorithm allows us to assume the worker has less knowledge about the wage generation process and reward function.

Finally, Non-Conjugate Priors provides a sequel to an earlier lecture that compared Bayesian and frequentist interpretations of probability. In our new lecture, we look at techniques used when the prior and posterior distribution over parameters do not share the same functional form (are not conjugate).

Published by: Natasha Watkins

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